Cabotage at Aliança


What is cabotage?

Cabotage Trivia

  • Cabotage transport uses up to 8 times less fuel than other modes to move the same quantity of cargo.
  • Brazil offers great advantages for shipping. It has around eight thousand kilometers of coastline, and more than 40 thousand kilometers of potentially navigable routes.
  • There are 34 ports, 8 of which are in the South, 5 in the North, 10 in the South-east and 11 in the North-east.

First taste of Cabotage

With a dedicated customer service team and a logistics management system support with both remote and online access, we can help our customers throughout the whole process of contracting services and shipping management.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide for your first cabotage experience:

  • STEP 1: BOOKING (Reservation)
    After finalizing your commercial agreement with Aliança, you will need to make a reservation for space on our vessels. Aliança has a number of channels for this, such as our 0800-number service, Cabotage Portal ( cabotagem) or a simple e-mail including details of your order (volume/origin/destination).
    After confirming your booking, we can schedule (date/time) collection of your cargo providing the longest times possible to ensure safe arrival without any delays, even at the shipment port.
    At this stage, our Customer Service team reviews every customer with an estimated unloading and delivery date together with the final destination. The material is loaded on the confirmed date/schedule. After the delivery operation is complete, we confirm the end of operations with the contractor.
    Our services give you remote, online or e-mail access for tracking your shipment throughout the expected/contracted itinerary.

Intermodal – door-to-door transport

Through a consultative approach with our customers, we are able to offer services for the entire operation. Integrating other modes such as rail/ferry/road, together with our maritime transport, we can offer complete door-to-door management, taking advantage of operating logistics activities across the various stages of the production and supply chain.

The structure of our services gives us better market coverage, with direct stopovers in the major ports and full presence in the North, North-east, South and South-east of Brazil and Mercosur.

Intermodal door to door transports

Cabotage Portal


Cabotage film

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