Dangerous goods

Reaching the destination safely

Our strengths – your benefits

Reliable competence

A certified dangerous goods officer monitors our regional teams of experts.

Safe ships

A classification society regularly inspects our suitability for transporting dangerous goods.

Network of expertise

We work with other shippers and agencies to continuously improve the safety of our services.

Further information

Cooperation for more safety

The safety standards at Hamburg Süd are among the highest in the world. Nevertheless, we always strive to improve, which is why we actively utilize the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS). This initiative collects and analyzes cargo-related incidents, identifies risks, and develops solutions. It’s one way that Hamburg Süd is working with other shippers to increase the safety of marine transportation long term.
You’ll find more information on the CINS website

Specific local information
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Ralf Briesemeister - Hamburg Süd
Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser

Dangerous Goods Handling